How do I fold my small tent?

Modified on Tue, 04 Oct 2016 at 11:27 AM

  • Lay the inner on the ground and fold it in half lengthways 
  • Fold it in half again and compare to the length of the tent bag, to ensure its fit 
  • Hold flysheet by grabbing the roof and lay out flat 
  • Fold in each outside edge into the centre and repeat this until it is roughly the same size as the inner 
  • Put fly on top of inner and role both together as tightly as possible, all the time flattening it down and letting the air out until it is small enough to fit into the case. Alternatively, you can fold the fly until it is the right size for the case and place it in and then do the same for the inner and place it on top of the fly in the case or in the other part of the case. The case should close comfortably. Kneeling on top of the bag will help to force any additional air out.