How do I reproof my tent ?

Modified on Tue, 04 Oct 2016 at 11:14 AM


After several uses in rain or sunshine your tents water repellent coating may wear off, this will cause your tent material to "wet out" (absorb water) instead of it beading up and rolling off. If you experience any "wetting out" you will most likely have to reproof your tent. 

To re-proof your tent we recommend using any commercially available waterproofing solution,these can be purchased from most Outdoor Shops. You can re-proof your flysheet using Storm, Fabsil or any other proofer, which can be applied to the outside of the flysheet and then left to dry.

Its best to buy a bulk bottle of the re-proofer and decant it in to a hand held spray gun (The kind you would use for watering house plants) and catch and drips or runs with a sponge or brush.

You can do this when the tent is down or you can pitch it to do it. (I find it easier to do when the tent is pitched. ) 

Once you have pitched your tent, work your way round panel by panel ensuring maximum coverage with your reproofer and leave to dry as per instructions on the bottle.

NB - It is always handy bringing your reproofer with you on your camping trip, as you can top up areas on the go!