Can a Vango Drive-away awning fit my vehicle? | How does it attach ?

Modified on Wed, 07 Aug 2019 at 12:14 PM


Our awnings are sold as "Universal awnings" and the fitting instructions provided are meant to cover a wide array of vehicles and do not take into account door sizes and positions of the vehicles fixtures. However these are meant to be taken into consideration before purchasing any of our awnings. 


Ideally the height of your awning fixing point needs to be within the following size range 180cm - 295 cm, please find awning sizes below;

Vango Airaway - Vehicle awnings Low - recommended height: 180cm - 210 cm.

Vango Airaway - Vehicle awnings Standard- recommended height: 205 cm - 235 cm.

Vango Airaway - Vehicle awnings Tall- recommended height: 245cm - 295 cm.

Vango AirAwning - Caravan awnings recommended height: 236 cm - 250 cm.

If your vehicle is within these sizes then you should be able to fit our awnings to your vehicle using one of the below fixing methods.

Please find below some information on what attachment points are available, aswell as a brief description of a Kador strip.  

Kador strip - The Air Away comes pre-fitted with a 6mm Kador strip. If there is a pre-attached rail on your vehicle, the awning can be slid directly through it. However, we recommend using a fixing kit (sold separately) to ensure the Kador fits snugly and to provide flexibility when driving away whilst the Air Awning is still pitched. 

The different types of rails that use a fixing kit are listed below :

  • Awning Channel rail
  • Wind out rail 
  • J rail

Webbing straps - if you don't have an attachment point on your vehicle, don't panic as webbing straps can be used! The webbing straps are supplied with the awning and can be clipped into the buckles on the rear of the Air Away roof. The straps can then be passed over the roof of the vehicle and pegged into the ground. It is also important to adjust the straps to fully tension the roof.

Hook & loop Tabs - if you have roof bars on your vehicle you can attach the awning via the hook and loop tabs provided.